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Link Geekhack IC: HERE

IC Form : Hãy chọn khu vực Asia(Other) nhé.

Color Scheme

Blue is derived from her top. It certainly sticks out as it's basically highlighted by the lighter cream colored dress that she wears underneath.
The emerald green comes from her brooch, which also has an emerald gem; this is her most precious treasure, given to her by someone she
considers a major character in her life. The brown legends and red accents come from a combination of her boots, belts/straps, and her ribbon.

Now, as to why I named the set War Maiden: It's because she was once a ruthless soldier for the opposing army. But after
meeting a certain someone, her whole world changed. "War" symbolizes her involvement in the story's conflict, and "Maiden"
highlights her feminine side. War Maiden is a title that perfectly suits our heroine!

However, even though the first thing I mentioned earlier was that this is a weeb set, because the anime itself is
supposedly Western in setting, I decided not to include hiragana or katakana sublegends. Now, before you crucify
me because you REALLY want those sublegends, hear me out: the IC form will let me know just how much you
want these sublegends. Also, there's actually a unique writing system in the anime that'll be considered should
people want the caps with sublegends. Please take a look at the picture below.


US: Otakeebs
CA: Ashkeebs
EU: Keygem
OCE: Allcaps
JP: Yushakobo
KR: Swagkeys
VN: Uniq Meck
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