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The Gist

FjordBoard is a top-mounted 75% keyboard that removed the PrtSc, Pause, Ins, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys. In the place of the Ins-PgDn keys are replaced with a slider that has knob-like functionality without the overused knob. In my opinion, knobs are cool but are being overused so instead of just removing these keys because I don't like them I added a slider. Full Vial, VIA, and QMK functionality/support. A CNCed aluminum case (6063) anodized in Pantone 533 C blue (see at the bottom of page) The weight will be brass and should weigh just under half a kilo. As for the plate, It will ship with an FR4 plate but I am going to provide plate files so that you can get plates cut yourself in whatever material you want. A 5° typing angle and hot-swap PCB that supports ANSI and ISO.

The Specs

Slider on the right side of the board where the Ins-PgDn keys are on a 75%
Top mount
5° typing angle
CNC aluminum case (6063)
~Half a kilo brass weight
Total unbuilt weight ~2200 g (~4.8 pounds)

Estimated price is ~350 to 400 USD.
Please remember this is an estimate and there are no promises. don't be surprised if the price is raised


UK and EU- Proto[Typist]
OCE- Allcaps
JP- Basekeys
Vietnam- Uniq Meck
SEA- tbd

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