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The Gist

FjordBoard is a top-mounted 75% keyboard that removed the PrtSc, Pause, Ins, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys. In the place of the Ins-PgDn keys are replaced with a slider that has knob-like functionality without the overused knob. In my opinion, knobs are cool but are being overused so instead of just removing these keys because I don't like them I added a slider. Full Vial, VIA, and QMK functionality/support. A CNCed aluminum case (6063) anodized in Pantone 533 C blue (see at the bottom of page) The weight will be brass and should weigh just under half a kilo. As for the plate, It will ship with an FR4 plate but I am going to provide plate files so that you can get plates cut yourself in whatever material you want. A 5° typing angle and hot-swap PCB that supports ANSI and ISO.

The Specs

Slider on the right side of the board where the Ins-PgDn keys are on a 75%
Top mount
5° typing angle
CNC aluminum case (6063)
~Half a kilo brass weight
Total unbuilt weight ~2200 g (~4.8 pounds)

Estimated price is ~350 to 400 USD.
Please remember this is an estimate and there are no promises. don't be surprised if the price is raised


OCE- Allcaps
Vietnam- Uniq Meck

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    Economy Delivery will be the default carrier, Ahamove and Grab available for customers in Ho Chi Minh. If you are overseas, DHL will be used. You will pay the shipping fee upon receipt.

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    Please take a video when receiving the product and opening the box to receive support for exchange/refund when problems arise.

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