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[GB] XOX70 FRL-TKL Add-ons

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Ngày kết thúc: 30/09/2022

Thời gian giao hàng dự kiến: Q1 2023 (khoảng 6 tháng sau khi đóng GB)

1 x Solder or Hotswap PCB + 1 x Daughterboard and JST cable

1 x Extra plate of your choice.

Aluminium & FR4 plates have flex cuts and leaf springs in both Full and Half option

PC & POM Plates only in Full Plate and do not have flex cuts and leaf springs

18 x long strip, 12 x short strip, 2 x badge light blacker foam (enough for 1 build with extras)

Foam Pack
1 x each Plate foam, Case Foam, ESD Sheet

Assembly Screws
Assortment of custom Torx T6 screws (enough for 1 assembly with spare)

1 x sheet (6 per sheet)

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