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[GB] Synchronize Deskmat R2

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A Deskmat product from Aiglatson Studio (designer of 2 sets of PBTfans Pyga and Vior), with a more modern and sophisticated design, Synchronize Deskmat R2 offers 2 surface options in Fullsize, and small sizes. More suitable for the size of each key layout category.


- GB takes place: from January 15, 2024 to February 15, 2024.

- Expected delivery after 6-8 weeks.


*Size chart:
- Full-size (900 x 400 x 4 mm)
- TKL (390 x 160 x 4 mm)
- 65% (355 x 135 x 4 mm)
- 60% (320 x 132 x 4 mm)
*Deskmat surface: Smooth or Jacquard fabric.
*The bottom is anti-slip rubber.
* The edges are carefully sewn.
* Colors: Dark and Light.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------

1. What is the difference between Smooth Fabric and Jacquard Fabric ?
They differ in touch and intended use. Smooth Fabric, also known as Speed ​​mousepad, has a smooth surface that helps move the mouse smoothly, suitable for normal use and playing games that require fast mouse movements. As for Jacquard Fabric (Rough), also known as Control mousepad, the textured surface makes the surface rougher. Suitable for those who want more precise mouse movements.


- Vietnam: Uniqmeck

- China /Global : Kbdfans

- Korea : Geonworks

- US : Divineys

- SEA : ilumkb

- OCE : Allcaps

- CA : Ashkeebs

- EU : Keygem

- UK : Prototypist

- Indonesia : Kukey Studio

- Thailand : Aiglatson Studio

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