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[GB] Domikey Third Space

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[Zero-G Studio X DMK ABS Keycap Set "THIRD SPACE"]

In the 1970s, American sociologist Ray Oldenburg proposed the concept of "third space"/"third space" from the perspective of social and urban studies. He calls his residence the “first space”, the place where he spends a lot of time working, the “second space”, and the “third space” the informal gathering place of the public outside. places to live and work, and the concept of "third space" emphasizes the social role of places, such as coffee shops, teahouses, bars, community centers, etc.

Today we bring you a set of designs based on the color blue "third space" this. The main color is blue with two different saturations, representing a space other than work and life. It is also real, all around us.

It's a VR game themed design. The birth of VR game makes us feel the role-playing game experience, like entering another world. With this set of designs, we remember our lost youth and pay tribute to our best friends in the game.

- ABS Double-shot & Triple Shot
- Cherry Profile
- Produced by Domikey
- Designed by Zero G Studio

- Group Buy: Jul 20th - Aug 10th
- Estimate Shipping: Q4 2022
VN:Uniq Meck
THAT: ThocKeys
THAT: DeskHero

"THIRD SPACE" Metal Artisan

- Material: aluminum alloy
- Process: Anodizing / Electrophoresis
- Height: Cherry R1

"THIRD SPACE" Deskmat:


- Stitched edge surface

- Microfibre cloth

- 900x400x4mm 



- Connector: USB Type-C
- Double layer heat shrink
- USB-A:Gold-plated plug + zinc alloy housing
- Cable: Double-shielded,24AWG+28AWG,5-conductor
- Outer jacket: PU
- Sleeving: Parachute cord + pet double sleeve
- Detachable connector: 4-pin
- Inner coil diameter: 1.25cm
- Coil length: 17cm-18cm
- Total cable length:120m

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