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Quantity 1 = 10 switches.

Hillstone Switch is jointly designed by JKDK and XCJZ , a collector switch famous for creating LUCY Switch . Manufactured by BSUN , this Tactile has a short travel of only 3.2mm, with a bottom housing made of POM plastic and a POM stem that helps the switch feel strong and have a thick sound.

These switches are designed and optimized to feel great out of the box, pre-lubed and ready from the factory. Simply plug them into any keyboard and enjoy a great experience - no preparation or fuss required.


  • Tactile switch
  • 56g spring (16mm)
  • Factory lubricated
  • 3.2mm travel
  • 5 battery housing
  • Stem: Long-pole POM
  • Top Housing: Mixed Nylon
  • Bottom Housing: POM
  • Manufactured by Bsun



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