Instructions for Payment and Order Lookup

If you are not in Vietnam, use Paypal and skip this tutorial

1. Payment instructions:

  • Default payment receiving account of Uniq Meck to be:

Bank: ACB

Account number: 5742037

Account name: Mai Pham Quang Quy

Transfer content: Phone number + Code orders (order code has the form: #xxxx, where xxxx is the number, not the confirmation code as soon as you place the order) - for example: 0393xxxxxx -1000

  • Step 1: After you have placed an order on the Website, please check email/text message or see in the section Account on Website yours to get your order number.
  • Step 2: Transfer money to the payment receiving account of Uniq Meck above.
  • Step 3: Take a screenshot of the money transfer and send it to the message section of Fanpage Facebook us to confirm payment. Note: Please write the exact transfer as in the form above to make the confirmation process easier.
  • Importance: Groupbuy products will have the symbol [GB] in the product name, ARE NOT Place a Groupbuy product and an existing product in the same order, otherwise you will have to wait to send the existing product with the Groupbuy product. Please separate the product Groupbuy  into 1 order if you want to order both the existing product and the Groupbuy product.

2. Order lookup instructions:

Because it is a transfer payment, it is mandatory to create an account when placing an order to be able to track the status of the order, hope for your understanding.

Access your account on the Website, here you will see all your orders placed on the Website and Payment Status as Execution Status of them.

Payment Status of the order will be updated as Paid after you transfer and confirm payment via Fanpage

Orders have 2 default fulfillment states: Pending done and Was made. 

  • Pending execution: That means your order is waiting to be delivered, the status will change when the order is delivered to the shipping unit, for Groupbuy products, this status will remain until the delivery.
  • Was made: This means that your order has been created or delivered to a shipping company, you will receive an email with a bill of lading code when the order is shipped.

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